Chargrilled Rib-Eye Steak 300g - Ilona Staller AUD39.50

Chargrilled Rib-Eye Steak 300g - Ilona Staller AUD39.50
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Best. Steak. Ever.
Tender, well-rested, juicy, flavoursome steak with a rich velvety jus that made for an explosion of flavour. I like the little nuggets of silky bone marrow as well, a subtle but nice nod to nose-to-tail eating.

There was also a nice and charry chargrilled crust and the insides were so buttery soft, I wondered if it was done sous vide.

The sauce was so good, I had to mop it up with bread. It didn't take much of a warmed plate to cause some of the sauce to get baked on, hence the streaks. I even tried scraping it off with a fork!


Halva - The Queen Vic Deli

Halva - The Queen Vic Deli
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Handmade Chocolate and Almond Halva

Deliciously light with a squeeky texture of sesame! Reminds me very much of the 花生贡糖 Chinese peanut candy with a similar layered texture.

Queen Vic Deli
(03) 9328 3645
Shop 36/ Peel St, Melbourne VIC 3000


Cutler & Co Dining Room & Bar, Fitzroy

Shopfront - Cutler & Co

Behind this unassuming facade lies Melbourne's Best New Restaurant as bestowed by The Age Good Food Guide 2011. Andrew McConnell's posh, yet casual dining experience is full of classic dishes with a smattering of "molecular" techniques.

In fact, it is a little bit of Heston Blumenthal's outrageousness in Melbourne.


Il Fornaio, St Kilda

They must get it a lot. Silly, ignorant, wishful customers hoping for a taste of The famous Snickers, by Queen of Desserts Philippa Sibley, at all hours of the day. Well, I can confirm that they don't serve it at breakfast, even if the polite waitress humoured me by "asking the kitchen", and then feigned empathy when she told me the bad news.


Prestissimo Lunch - The Grill, Grossi Florentino

A celebratory lunch demands a nice venue, and The Grill at Grossi Florentino is certainly nice. They also understand the need for prompt and cheerful service so that we can get back to work on time.

Calamari Fritti
Fried Calamari with borlotti beans, marinated eggplant and radicchio