Cha Ca La Vong, Hanoi, Vietnam

Fish and dill for 2 - Cha Ca La Vong VND120000 each

Chả cá Lã Vọng is a legendary, but over-priced shop selling only one dish, Turmeric Grilled Fish. So famous, they named the street after it!

Service is gruff, and everyone is directed up steep stairs where people are huddled around a clay brazier topped with a pan sizzling with turmeric-stained fillets of fish.

We are shown a table and given a sign that says "Only one dish in our restauran Grilled Fish price: 120.000VND/person (Not included drink)". Slightly taken aback at the price, we decide to press on and order 2 serves.

Our brazier arrives with the pan, already sizzling with fish in hot oil. Our waitress adds a handful of dill, stirs it around and instructs us to eat. She indicates the rice vermicelli and we were to top that with fish, herbs, peanuts and nuoc cham. Delicious! The fish was tender and loaded with turmeric. The rice vermicelli is smooth and slippery and a great base to carry the nutty turmeric-laden oil and sweet and sour nuoc cham fish sauce.

While there was enough fish, rice vermicelli and greens for the 2 of us, the serving sizes were rather small for the price. (A bowl of pho in similar surrounds is only around VND20000-VND25000.)

Chả cá Lã Vọng
14 Pho Cha Ca
Old Quarter, Ha Noi

More photos: Chả cá Lã Vọng - avlxyz/Flickr

- Cha Ca La Vong on Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmer (YouTube video)
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Cha Ca La Vong, 14 Cha Ca Street & 107 Nguyen Truong To Street. This establishment is so famous, the street is named after it, instead of the other way around. There's only one dish on the menu, fried fish in grease, but they've been serving it now for five generations. They have eliminated the traditional shrimp paste recently as well. 90,000 VND for a small portion. 1,000 VND charge per napkin
- Cha Ca La Vong - Lonely Planet Guide
The antiquated atmosphere here is legendary, and its rickety floors, overcrowded tables and gruff wait staff live up to the billing. Head straight upstairs for the full-on experience, and leave behind all expectations of a relaxed midday repast. It's a one-dish sweatshop, specialising in cha ca (fish grilled on your table with turmeric and dill, served with cold noodles and peanuts).
- Cha Ca La Vong - TripAdvisor
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