Mexican Taro Bun

Having tackled plenty of bread loaves, Julia decided to make a fancy Japanese/Chinese-style 墨西哥芋容包 Mexican Taro Bun. She used the bread machine to knead and proof the dough, but filling and shaping by hand.
The sweet Japanese-style bun was soft and fluffy, but retaining a semblance to real bread, unlike some from Asian bakeries. The crunchy butter cream topping became a golden crust and provide even more richness to the bun.
Inside was a smooth taro puree filling that was sublime!
Despite being so yummy, you wouldn't want to stuff your face with too many or else, the richness would get to you!
As for the name, I have no idea why it is called a "Mexican Bun", but that is what a buttercream topped sweet bun is called, with out without filling.

Here's a photo before they were baked, with the toppings piped:

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