Paper-Wrapped Sponge Cakes

Julia made a light and fluffy Asian-style sponge cake typically made in baking
paper cups, which is where the name 紙包蛋糕 Paper-Wrapped Sponge Cake is from.

Instead of cake flour, Julia used all-purpose flour, but reduced it to suit.

Cut up:

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紙包蛋糕食譜 Paper Sponge Recipe
紙包蛋糕食譜 Paper Sponge Recipe
何家私房菜 (何太) Kenny Melody MySinaBlogOriginal recipe:
紙包蛋糕 食譜 Paper Sponge Recipe

Modified recipe:
材料: (9個份量) Ingredients: (makes 9 cupcakes)
低筋麵粉  Cake Flour  60g (substituted with 55g all-purpose plain flour)
粟粉 Cornflour  15g
砂糖 Sugar  90g
雞蛋 Eggs  5 隻
含鹽牛油 Salted Butter, melted  60 g

正方形牛油紙    數張  Greaseproof paper, cut into squares
muffin 杯      數個  Muffin cups or muffin tray

做法 Method:
1) 焗爐開 200度,預熱 15 分鐘。 Pre-heat the oven to 200°C for at least 15 minutes.
2) 將牛油紙鋪在 muffin 杯內; Line the muffin cups with greaseproof paper.
3) 蛋白 分 3 次加入砂糖打起; Beat egg whites into soft-peaks.
4) 加入蛋黃,拌勻。 Add egg whites to lightly beaten egg yolks and mix lightly.
5) 篩入低粉、粟分,輕手拌勻; Fold in sifted flours, taking care not to over mix.
6) 加入牛油溶液拌勻; Add melted butter mix well. The mixture should be quite light.
7) 全入已鋪牛油紙之杯內,至 8 成滿。Pour into greaseproof paper cups to about 80% full.

8) 入焗爐以 175 度 焗 20 分鐘,至面頭金黃色即成。 Reduce oven temperature to 175°C (160°C
fan-forced) and bake for 20 minutes, or until tops are golden.

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